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FTV: Steve Gorman

       Steve Gorman looked into the bathroom mirror and conversed with his reflection:  “Just do what your gut tells you.” His gut replied, “Do NOT join this band, they’re (expletive deleted) crazy.”  With that settled, he resolved to stay with Mary My Hope, the band he had joined soon after relocating from his native Kentucky […]

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FTV: Don Felder

       When former Boston Red Sox star Bill Buckner passed away in May of 2019, every news report I read or heard said something along the lines of, “Bill Buckher’s career should be remembered for a lot more things than the ground ball that rolled through his legs and lost the World Series for the […]

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FTV: Survivor

         I noticed an advertisement in Classic Rock Magazine not too long ago for some concert dates in England by Dave Bickler’s band.  It was kind of nice to see that Bickler is still hanging around the music scene years after he became kind of a sad trivia answer when his promising career went […]

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If the title of this FTV led you instantly to Creedence Clearwater Revival, you are two thirds correct.  This CCR could be Creedence Clearwater Revisited (for the sake of both brevity and clarity, we shall refer to them as CCR2).  One can’t really talk about CCR2 without talking about CCR, so it is probably wise […]

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