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Musical ramblings from the manager

FTV: Hard Knocks

       The human body is a remarkable machine.  Our built-in self-repair mechanisms are tested throughout one’s life and looking back, I can only wonder why humans are so determined to thoroughly test the limits of these systems.  My father and mother both smoked when I was growing up.  Thankfully, my mother quit cold turkey when […]

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FTV: Walrus

       When searching for ideas for these written ramblings called ‘FTV’, I periodically feel the cosmic wheels spinning when inspiration pops an idea into my brain.  The way my mind works, a tune, a fragment of a memory, a photograph, or a bit of stray conversation can plant the seed of a topic for consideration.  […]

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FTV: Water Wars

  In the fall of 2020, my buddy John Fischer asked me to Google “Great Lakes water diversions” and let him know what I thought of the first article that popped up.  It told the tale of a project (started in Ontario, Canada in 1925) to dam rivers just north of the Lake Superior / Hudson […]

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FTV: Ronnie Milsaps

       No need to tell me that I spelled his name wrong in the title.  When his first record came out on the small Princess label, Ronnie Milsaps was thrilled.  Then he ‘read’ a review in the Atlanta newspaper.  They said nice things about the record, but had dropped the last ‘s’ from his name.  […]

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FTV: Communication

   The  following snippet of information was printed in the “CHEERS and JEERS” section of the AARP Bulletin back in March of 2016 and was recently unearthed from my pile of clippings:  “CHEERS . . . to the new SAT test that will focus less on obscure vocabulary.”  The press release said:  “The abstruse vocabulary words […]

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FTV: John Fogerty

  Back in the fall of 2019, the last round of touring by Creedence Clearwater Revisited (or CCR2 as we referred to them) was chronicled in this space (FTV:  CCR  10-16-19).  The article included the following description of their interview with the original CCR and CCR2 rhythm section:  “When CCR’s Complete Studio Albums Deluxe Box Set […]

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FTV: Shifting a Pair of Dimes

     Many years ago, Ontonagon Area Schools business teacher Diane Hardes and I were sent to a workshop held at the Holiday Inn in Marquette.  The day’s theme was “integrating computers into your school” and on the way home, we agreed that beyond the lunch we were served, it was a big waste of time (we […]

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FTV: Random PMMF Memories

  My annual ritual of summarizing the backstage events of the Porcupine Mountain Music Festival dates back more than a dozen years.  I was organizing some of the articles that I keep filed chronologically, so naturally I started re-reading some of these ghosts of PMMFs past.  With the COVID-19 pandemic scuttling our favorite local festival this […]

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Weather or Not . . .

Greetings – you may have noticed our weather station isn’t current – we blew out both hard drives in our server during a power surge (which of course happened while we were waiting for a replacement batt for our power supply/protection unit).  In upgrading the server, we found our that our last upgrade of the […]

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