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FTV: Hough’s Heroes

       In the movie Kelly’s Heroes (1970 – MGM Pictures), Kelly (Clint Eastwood) leads a rag-tag assemblage of soldiers deep behind German lines with a singular goal in mind.  While his commanding officers mistake Kelly’s assault as an unbridaled act of bravery, his real aim is to raid a bank vault containing gold bars hidden […]

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FTV: Tale of Six Rooms

     During my job interview with Elementary-Jr. High Principal Jim Ollila, we took a quick tour of the old Ontonagon High School building.  At that time, I didn’t know the history of the district. I wasn’t aware that it had only been eight years since the opening of the new high school building on Parker Avenue.  […]

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S4SD -DbD 5 Update

Greetings all – With February behind us, we are working diligently to get the posters and buttons judged so we can wrap up this year’s Strive 4 a Safer Drive – Don’t be Distracted 5 campaign. Winners will be announced in this space in the next two weeks. Thank you to MSP Trooper Jerry Mazurek […]

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FTV: Wood Stories

 When one is young, it is sometimes hard to fathom why your parents work so hard.  We always had a perfectly good coal or oil furnace in the houses we lived in, yet my father was obsessed with cutting firewood.  Of course, one needed a fireplace or a wood stove of some sort to warrant […]

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