AstroCal – October 2022

       Let us start this month’s AstroCal with a lesser known object visible in the evening sky one hour after sunset.  The constellation it is found in is an easily recognized Sign of the Zodiac, Pisces, the Fish.  Pisces forms a rather large ‘V’ shape that is tilted somewhat to the right.  At the end […]

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AstroCal – September 2022

AstroCal – September 2022        Before we get too deep into the fall observing highlights, let us give two thumbs up and a generous pat on the back to all of the intrepid photographers who have been posting auroral displays this summer.  There have been some spectacular displays of northern lights and we need to […]

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From the Vaults: New World History

       Author Tony Horwitz got the idea to write about the history of the New World when he visited Plymouth, Massachusetts in the early ‘00s.  He ended up in Plymouth more by chance than by any deliberate plan.  He was taking a road trip and decided to pull off at that particular exit when the […]

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