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FTV: America’s Heartbeat

From the Vaults:  America’s Heartbeat        Mental music quiz time:  Who is the connecting thread between the following hit songs?  Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys);  Be My Baby (The Ronettes);  Return to Sender (Elvis);  Strangers in the Night (Frank Sinatra);  Mr. Tambourine Man (The Byrds);  Mary, Mary (The Monkees); and The Way We Were (Barbra […]

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FTV: Last Man Standing

       We have visited Uriah Heep twice in past FTV’s.  There was a feature focusing on guitarist Mick Box back in 2017 (FTV:  Uriah Heep 11-15-17) and another featuring drummer Lee Kerslake in 2019 (FTV:  RIP Lee Kerslake 5-8-19).  In the 2017 piece, Box talked about the challenges of being the last original band member […]

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FTV: Robert Weston Smith

    Robert Weston Smith.  Does the name ring any bells?  No?  How about Big Smith and the Records?  Daddy Jules?  I will give you a couple of hints:  If you have seen the movie American Graffiti or reruns of the TV show The Midnight Special or heard Bob Smith’s, “Have Mercy!” catch phrase, then you might […]

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