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FTV: the King – Part 2

       We left The King – Part 1 just as the Russian and American space programs were preparing to attempt the first manned space flights.  In his 2021 book, BEYOND – The Astonishing Story of the First Human to Leave Our Planet and Journey into Space (Harper-Collins), author Stephen Walker goes deep into the inner […]

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From the Vaults: The King

       No, not Elvis.  Not LeBron James.  Sergei Pavlovich Korolev.  If the name does not ring any bells, that is okay because any references to him were scrubbed from the records in his native Russia so thoroughly after 1957 that even the CIA could not identify him.  Nobody working for him in the Soviet space […]

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It’s a wrap . . .

WOAS-FM Wraps Year WOAS-FM will wrap up the COVID influenced 2020-2021 broadcast year at the end of June.  We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who helped fund our transmitter repair last fall and the students who jumped on board for the second semester of what turned out to be a most unusual […]

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FTV: Think About It!

       There are times when the human race makes me shake my head in wonder.  There are multiple ways that we can make the world a better place, yet as soon as something ‘unusual’ happens (for lack of a better word), many people pull the universe into one small unit:  themselves.  If one considers all […]

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FTV: Cheap Trick

     To my knowledge, Cheap Trick has performed in the Upper Peninsula several times during their storied career.  I have managed to miss them each time.  The concerts I can find records for (and there maybe more I am not aware of) were in Marquette and at the casino in Harris.  The first show was at […]

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FTV: The Sturgeonaba River

       The Sturgeonaba River?  If you have never heard of this Upper Peninsula waterway, that is okay because I made the name up.  This ancient river may have occupied the valley systems that now host the northward flowing Sturgeon River and the southward flowing Escanaba River.  When Fred Rydholm first told me his theory involving […]

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FTV:  Weird, Wonderful, & Obscure

     Those who know me best find the easiest gift giving solution to send my way for birthdays or Christmas are books, music, or more books.  While sorting through last year’s stash of new reading material, I happened upon a 2019 book by Kath Usitalo:  Secret Upper Peninsula – A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and […]

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