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FTV: Walrus

       When searching for ideas for these written ramblings called ‘FTV’, I periodically feel the cosmic wheels spinning when inspiration pops an idea into my brain.  The way my mind works, a tune, a fragment of a memory, a photograph, or a bit of stray conversation can plant the seed of a topic for consideration.  […]

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FTV: Random PMMF Memories

  My annual ritual of summarizing the backstage events of the Porcupine Mountain Music Festival dates back more than a dozen years.  I was organizing some of the articles that I keep filed chronologically, so naturally I started re-reading some of these ghosts of PMMFs past.  With the COVID-19 pandemic scuttling our favorite local festival this […]

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FTV: REMC and Me

       If one checks out the WOAS-FM website (, one can find an archive of FTV articles stretching back several years.  The site is hosted by the Regional Educational Media Center (REMC) that is part of the Intermediate Schools District (ISD) office located in Hancock, Michigan.  The ISD office is responsible for providing educational services […]

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Updated WOAS Transmitter Update

I am, for the moment, speechless – those who know me well recognize that this is NOT my normal state!  I received a note and check from former WOAS-FM DJ Sam Bennett (son of my GM mentor Mike ‘Zenith’ Bennett).  Not only did Sam make a donation to our transmitter repair fund, he sent out a […]

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